Words words words…

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Picture source: Pinterest.com

The Dutch DJ Lulleaux makes a fast-stream remix of Words by the American artist Anna Graceman. Her sweet voice works just as well in this chill house song as in her original.

I discovered this song (as well as the one I posted in the previous post) on the cool youtube channel Simone Et Monique. Worth a visit!


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The sound from the Samuraii remix of the Irish singer James Vincent McMorrow’s Cavalier describes this summer feeling just right.

…And now I’m going back out in the sun!



Sell your clothes and keep your thoughts


Picture source: Soundcloud.com

The Miami-based artist Brika (in the picture above) has been all over music blogs lately, as she is debuting with two soulful, addicting songs this spring/summer. Little is known to date about Brika, her Facebook and Twitter accounts only consisting of the phrase in the title of this post. I am certainly interested in hearing more from this woman with such a powerful voice and an Ella Eyre/Adele musical style. For now these two are perfect summer songs. <3


Golden Coast // Rainer + Grimm

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The LA-based indie pop duo Golden Coast has a typical mellow California style in their music. Their song Break My Fall is here remixed by the Toronto-based duo Rainer + Grimm, giving it a chill house vibe, close to perfection. Happy sunny summer days ♥

Free download through Soundcloud.

Ain’t Nobody


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Given Germany’s big win yesterday, I found this a great opportunity to add the song of a cool new German producer. The name is Felix Jaehn, and he has already had success this summer with his song Shine. Here he is with a remix of British singer Jasmine Thompson’s acoustic cover of Chaka Khan’s song Ain’t Nobody. I love the melodious piano that’s been added in this remix, and the tropical house feel over it. Download it for free through Soundcloud!

Today is actually the one year birthday of this blog! One year ago I couldn’t have imagined having so many readers and followers for this niche-music blog, and I am so thankful to each and everyone of you who drops by from time to time!

Finally I have completely forgotten to mention that this blog has a Twitter account (@SOTYmusicblog), where you can also follow to be updated on every new post!


Beach lounge music

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Does anyone else get a nostalgic feeling from cirka 2006 when hearing this? Cassie’s R&B song Me & You gets a fabulous makeover with this loungy remix by Glen Check. Based in Seoul, South Korea this band has been in existence since 2011. Check out their Soundcloud page for more of their awesome remixes and originals. You can also download this song for free on that same page.

Mexico City Blondes


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The duo Mexico City Blondes consists of Allie Thompson and Greg Doscher from Santa Barbara, USA. This is their debut single titled Fade, a bittersweet indie song that I instantly fell in love with. I especially dig the electronica part around 2 minutes into the song. Mellow as f***.


Le P & MJ

f0460f9580621e483db8d3124e0f4f31Picture Source: Pinterest.com

Yet another summer anthem to appreciate these days: This is Le P, another Norwegian producer rocking the tropical house genre. In similar style to Norwegians Kygo and Bearson he is giving us chill beach vibes that is the definition of f-e-e-l-g-o-o-d. With Michael Jackson’s iconic voice in the vocal part of the track, this is still unique enough to stand out in the crowd of today’s house music. Love it!

Warm greetings from Spain!

Take Shelter

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Remember Years & Years? The British trio is out with their new single Take Shelter which doesn’t fail to impress. I loved their song Real that came out a few months ago, and now this newest is a summer fav for me. More from these guys please!




Picture source: Pinterest.com

A new artist to pay attention to these days is the mysterious music producer Zhu. He has kept a very low and “faceless” profile since he started out this winter, but word on the streets says it’s a guy named Steven Zhu based in LA. I’ve received links to his songs by different friends and stumbled upon more of his music through other blogs, and little by little I have started to love this artist. His Nightday EP, containing great songs such as Cocaine Model, Stay Closer and Superfriends, is to be found on Soundcloud and Spotify. I actually think the EP is one of the best I’ve heard this year. Worth a listen or ten! His songs have already been remixed by big producers like Odesza and Tâches, not bad after such a short time. I predict a bright future for this guy!

My two favorite Zhu tracks can be found below. Anyone else in love with this?!