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Hello friday! I wanna start off the weekend by sharing some happy tunes with you.

These two songs are remixes produced by the Canadian artist Shèmce. After playing piano at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto during his childhood, he went on to DJ and produce music in his teens. He has now made a name for himself in the tropical house scene, with lots of write-ups by big music blogs and streams on popular Youtube channels like The Vibe Guide (one of my personal favorites). The name Shèmce is a pheonetic derivation of the Arabic word for “Sun”, a big source of inspiration for his music: “After experimenting with a lot of different production styles, I realized that my heart always went to music that was happy, uplifting and had a bit of tropical flavor because I just love sand and sunshine.” Word to that! I love how he transforms the songs into something completely new.

Light, feel-good house music. Love it♥ The songs can be downloaded for free through his Soundcloud profile.

The Kooks // Oliver Nelson


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The Kooks. Definitely the soundtrack of my youth. The years 2007 to 2010-ish were very Kooks-flavored years for me. The band was SO popular at the time. I remember going to one of their concerts in Paris in 2008, where the fans in front of the stage were so crazy, I was actually pushed so hard into the front fence that I had to be carried out by the guards. And ended up all the way in the back. Damn it. Too many girls with major crushes on Luke.

Les Koooooks released their song Forgive & Forget about a month ago on their Soundcloud page. And 11 days ago the Swedish producer Oliver Nelson blessed us with this crazy remix of it, which is featured on the band’s EP as an official remix. It reminds me slightly of Monsieur Adi’s typical beats, like in the remix of Changing of the seasons by Two Door Cinema Club. That was intended as a HUGE compliment. I love how Oliver Nelson brought the funky disco beat into the original. Great work!

Tracy Irve

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As many of you seemed to appreciate my previous post about a new Scandinavian band, I thought I’d share with you another one of my new favorites from the cold north.

Linnea and Alexander Herlogsson are the two people behind the Swedish brother-and-sister duo Tracy Irve. Since their debut in 2012 they have mostly been working on soundtracks for the international movies Battlefield America and The Helpers. However since the beginning of 2014 they have started working on their debut EP and signed with the LA-based company Silent Partner Entertainment Group (who among others produces for the American artist Mila J). Quite cool for a relatively new, Scandinavian band! Their debut EP can be expected in October. In the meantime we can jam to their single The Blues.

Jack Johnson // Andie Roy

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If you’re a tropical house music fanatic like me, you will for sure appreciate this chill remix of Jack Johnson’s Gone. It’s about time this blog is featuring some soothing JJ tunes, and this remix adds the perfect house music rhythms to it. It is produced by Andie Roy, a 21 year old producer from Sacramento, US.

A great sunday night soundtrack. Download the song for free through Soundcloud.


Compter les étoiles

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French house/electro music rarely disappoints. Over the years there have been SO many cool Frenchmen paving the way in the house music scene. Daft Punk, David Guetta, Martin Solveig, Bob Sinclar, Justice, Laurent Wolf, Kavinsky and Breakbot, to name a few that I’ve been jammin’ to throughout my late teens/early twenties. I even remember Daft Punk’s Around The World dominating the TV screen when I was as young as seven and living in France. The good old 90s when MTV was the go-to place for music. What happened to that?!

Cutting to the chase, here are two dance songs actually sung in French, that I have been hung up on for a while. The first one is a song that gained over a 100,000 views in the first two weeks or so, and is still really popular with 7000 hearts on Hypem. It is produced by the Paris-based duo POOM. Such a fun and happy song!


The second song is by the French singer/songwriter Indila. This particularly cool remix is done by the German producer Freddy Verano. A bit more dramatic than the former, but SO addicting with its deep house tones. And I love the violin in it! Also a very popular song online these days! The latter one can be downloaded for free through Soundcloud.


The pictures above are all taken in France, courtesy of Pinterest.

Happy weekend!


Aussie sounds

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Aussies on the loose! The Presets remixes RÜFÜS and RÜFÜS remixes The Presets. Why not? Check out the two wicked cool remixes below. Deep house madness.



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The Chinatown, New York-based band The Knocks just dropped their single Classic, a late-summer teaser for their upcoming debut album titled Endisco. Featuring on vocals they have the bi-coastal duo Powers.

Love this disco-inspired, super catchy song! Cause it feels, yeah it feels, yeah it feels so classic… 

Caved Crow


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Some new Scandinavian music coming your way!

The Danish quintet Caved Crow makes music ranging from Scandinavian melancholic pop to an americana/folk based vibe. After a successful summer in Denmark, they are soon moving on to the international scene debuting in Sweden and Norway in 2015. You can find their two released songs on their Soundcloud page, and more is to come on their soon-to-be released EP.

I really like their song Catching Fire, that reminds me a bit of the English band The XX. Can’t wait to hear more from this band!


Wild culture

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Wild Culture from Austria are bringing us this slow, deep house perfection of a remix this weekend. The original is by the American dance music producer Andy Caldwell. Chill mode on. <3