When the waves break

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A smashing new remix by the Miami-based producer Artec. He also made a pretty epic video for it, which you can see here. The song is a remix of Sister by the American singer-songwriter Andrew Belle, taking it from slow indie to fast-paced house.

For just having been in the business for a year, this guy has really taken his music, production and media presence to a very professional level. Amazing. Get your free download of the song through Soundcloud!


Let us Stay in the Light


I absolutely adore this music video, from Swedish Dream Lake’s single Let Us Stay in the Light. The video is taken from Sweden in the 60s, and perfectly describes the idyllic Scandinavian summer feeling. So lovely! The video was actually taken by the father of Niklas Lidholm, the male member of the duo. The song itself is also so beautiful! More from them here.


20 ways to see the world

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The Strokes’ hit You Only Live Once, from their 2006 LP titledĀ First Impressions of Earth, gets a rework in this feelgood song. The two Canadians Wolf Saga (producer) and LYON (vocalist) are the people behind this chillout 80s-electro-feel track. I especially love the slow rhythm throughout, so calming and warm in this dark December month.. The song is downloadable for free through Soundcloud.


11d2117576b43c2f595f05eff9145614Picture source: Pinterest.com

This remix has kept on reoccurring at the top of Hypem’s popular list for ages now, so it’s about time I’m sharing it. Better late than never though, right?! It’s one of the most creative and fun remixes I’ve heard in a while.

Back in July the Australian musician Chet Faker together with his crew (Chet Faker and “the other guys”) did a cover of Sonia Dada’s classic track Lover. See the video here. Fast forward a couple of months, and the German producer WKND (not to be confused with the Canadian darling The Weeknd) made this amazing remix of it. Me love!

It’s even downloadable for free!


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Alina Baraz is a popular name on Soundcloud as per lately (more specifically here). Together with the Danish artist Galimatias, the Cleveland-based singer-songwriter has created a whole list of earcandy, among others this piece of perfection titled Fantasy.

The song is part of her newest EP titled Urban Flora. It makes me dream away to warmer places… I also totally dig her cover art, and her style in general. Chill, yet powerful music.

Lushington Pt. 2


Picture source: Pinterest.com

Remember Lushington? I can’t ever get enough of his deep house tunes.. Here he is remixing the song Thinking About It by the English duo Just Kiddin. Isn’t it just so perfect?

Josef Salvat x The Temper Trap




Picture sources: Weheartit.com / Pinterest.com

The London-based Australian Josef Salvat is quite popular these days. For instance, his song Open Season has been a much-loved online sensation. His song Every Night is here remixed by fellow Aussies The Temper Trap, who we all know is a band who never fail to deliver.



Picture source: Pinterest.com

It’s gray and cold outside these days, but at least it’s good to know that there is a LOT of new good music swirling around the internet these days. Motivation number 1!

Let me introduce you to A-L-X, a Scottish newcomer who is also kinda cute actually (Instagram proof here). I absolutely love everything about this soulful R&B-ish song! Really original, and a much needed piece on the fall ’14 playlist.

Higher than the ceiling

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Picture source: Pinterest.com

I’m always happy to be sharing music from Norway, especially when it’s the feelgood type like this one from Jerry Folk. This is a remix of the classic Suga Suga by Baby Bash, a song we all had an obsession for at some point in the early 2000s. The Oslo-based 19 year old has received a lot of online attention lately, along with fellow Norwegian house producer Bearson. For instance they have already been booked, more than half a year in advance, for one of Scandinavia’s biggest music festivals Slottfsfjell. I, for one, can’t wait to see that in the summer 2015!

You can find another one of his great remixes here. His songs are downloadable for free through Soundcloud!