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This deep reggae song is the perfect start of the of the weekend! Bob Marley remixed by Kungs, a 17 year old (!) DJ from France. Feeeelgoooood!

Downloadable for free through Soundcloud.

“I re-enact the days like that on days like these”

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In the last few days I have been digging deep into the feelgood/deep house/summer vibe archive of Soundcloud to discover a lot of new amazing, very bloggable music. So just keep your ears open, there is a lot more to come in the next days!

I absolutely love this wonderful, nostalgic tune by Santa Maradona Football Club. You might wonder what that is? So do I. According to their Facebook profile it is “an experiment… an anonymous collective of globe-trotting musicians and producers dabbling with genre meddling soundscapes and collaborations.” Well, if they continue to make music like this, I think it will turn into more than just a little experiment. Anyone know the actual lyrics to this song? Would be much appreciated. I can only find crap ones online that doesn’t seem to be right at all.

This particular remix is done by Niklas Ibach, so actually he should have a lot of the credit for this masterpiece. He is a 20 year old producer from Stuttgart, Germany. He describes his music as “emotional sets and passionate productions”, and most importantly, music for the heart. ♥

Chillin like a villain

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This is a better-late-than-never situation where I only now discovered this great house song by the French duo Delcroix & Delatour. Quite a summerly track, but also a perfect chilling song for these dark October days. Today when we turned the clock one hour back it actually became dark at 5 PM here in Copenhagen. I have a feeling me and my comfy bed will see a lot of each other these coming weeks. Anyone else getting this dark autumn depression?! Time to chill and do nothing.

On another note I wanted to thank all my wonderful readers for getting me to an all time high number of 20,000 visitors in the past month! It’s really fun to see so many people interested in finding new soundtracks for their daily lives:) Please feel free to drop me a comment if you have some recommendations or comments on what you like/dislike on the posts that I make. Too many pictures, too few pictures, too many covers, too much tropical house music, you name it. Constructive criticism is more than welcome! Or any general preferences.

I love the use of so many different instruments in this song, it gives such a warmness and feelgood theme! More from the talented duo on their Soundcloud page. Thanks to Electro Posé for making a great playlist, which initially got me hooked on this track.

Beggin for thread 2.0

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I already wrote about this amazing track from Banks a while ago, but this remix by Gryffin and Hotel Garuda is just killing it!! If this is not deep house perfection, I would really like to now what is… Free download on Soundcloud!


Est-ce que vous êtes heureux?

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I cannot believe how gray and rainy this week has been in Denmark, and most of Scandinavia it seems. Definitely one of those terrible, worst weeks of the fall. The French DJ/producer Merci Fucking Beaucoup sent me his second EP a little while back, and having listened to it for some time now, I thought it fit perfectly as a positive soundtrack in this otherwise gloomy week.

In particular I love this song, Heur, which has the perfect relaxing deep house tones that sets the mood no matter what. His whole EP titled “Life Begins at the End of your Comfort Zone” – Part A is worth a listen, it is super chill and creative. Merci Fucking Beaucoup reminds me a bit of a Norwegian producer called Philter, who used to make really catchy songs with old movie- and radio clips. It gives sort of a retro vibe to the songs, which I really like.

The two landscape photos in the series above are actually from Norway, can you believe it? From Lofoten and Stryn, respectively. I feel so proud to have been born and raised in that beautiful country!

Download the song (as well as the rest of the EP) for free through Soundcloud. Enjoy!


Bipolar Sunshine // Goldlink


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I’ve been meaning for a while now to feature this cool song. The music of the Manchester based artist Bipolar Sunshine together with the smooth lyrics of the American rapper Goldlink – such a good combo. The latter has been featured on music by big names like Kaytranada and Chet Faker as well, so he is definitely a hot artist these days. I also loved the quote on Goldlink’s Soundcloud page: “Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous.” Nice, huh? :) I’m not personally religious, but definitely believe in faith and that things happen for a reason.

You can stream Future (part 1) below, and I for one, can’t wait to hear part 2 whenever that will be!

You Know

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Today is the perfect dark autumn day, to be spent inside listening to the fantastic music of James Vincent McMorrow. I just saw his concert here in Copenhagen a week ago, which was absolutely mesmerizing. I knew some of his songs from before, but I couldn’t have imagined that he was THAT talented. An incredible singer, and such a sweet and humble performer as well. This is the newest from his Soundcloud, titled You Know.


Is it desire

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Anything new from the band Years & Years is just boom…!! Everybody loves it. Their newest release Desire is no exception. They keep the pop house type of beat that they also had in Take Shelter, and make it a danceable song with very contagious lyrics (“It is desiiiiiire? Or is it love that I’m feeling for you?”). I can’t wait to hear what more is in store from these guys, as rumors of an LP is going around the world wide web.

Do you love them already? Find more of their music here and here.


Ben Sollee // Thomas Jack

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Nothing says summer and beach feeling like this remix of Ben Sollee’s Letting Go by Thomas Jack. The Australian producer started really early with the tropical house type of music, but was unfortunately out-shined by so many other artists jumping on that same wave last year. Therefore I think it is especially nice to hear more music from him trending the internet! I, like many others, are getting a little (tiny bit) tired of these tropical songs, but what I love about this one in particular is the really cool beat and the constant firm rythm, which makes it really unique and more upbeat than the typical songs in that genre.

The song has the usual Soundcloud link + Facebook-like = It’s yours, which is always super nice! More from the Australian talent here, here, here, here and here. Yep, he’s an all-time favorite on this blog:)


Closer to the edge of letting go

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The oh-so-popular Hideaway by Kiesza has received numerous remixes and covers to date. However, this cover by Ben Howard completely grabbed my attention from the first listen. A darker, acoustic version of the original, focusing on the guitar (the last 12 seconds OMG) and Howard’s fantastic voice. So powerful.