We’re in this game together


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So I believe in you
And I know you believe in me too
We’re in this game together
We’re in this game together

Sydney-born and London-based singer Josef Salvat gives us this wonderful pop-song. Currently on repeat big time, both in my ears and in my head.

More of the singer-songwriter’s popular songs here.


Your mess is mine


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Remember the Australian artist Vance Joy? He is definitely most famous for his song Riptide, and Flic Flac’s subsequent housed-up remix of it with flutes and everything. Both awesome versions.

The Melbourne-based artist is now back, this time with a killer of an indie song that I think is here to stay this fall! So perfectly calm, warm and relaxing. Just perfect for dark autumn days! In fact his whole debut album, titled Dream Your Life Away, is great. I just created a new playlist on Spotify called “Vance Joy is just perfect”. Perhaps my soundtrack for the rest of the month! ..And yes I realized I just used “perfect” three times in a paragraph (now four).

The song can be streamed on Spotify, or purchased on iTunes. Enjoy!


House music for sunset lovers


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Australian Chet Faker’s soothing voice is perfect any day, any time. In this case his song I’m Into You is remixed by the Hungarian artist who goes by the somewhat strange name Monkeyneck. According to the artist himself his work can be described as “No bullshit just house music”. From what I’ve heard so far, I can definitely support that statement. What a great use of 5 minutes and 18 seconds. :)

The song is downloadable for free via Soundcloud! More from Chet Faker here.

The Wilder Mile

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I’m so happy about my recent discovery of the indie band Freedom Fry. So much cool music to be discovered on their Soundcloud profile! More posts on this fantastic duo can be expected in the near future:)

We did alright…


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One of my Youtube fascinations this week is this house song by the British DJs Jumpstar (original) and The Golden Boy (remix). The whole extended version can be found on the Youtube channel Selected.

The girl in the photo is the beautiful Mimi Elashiry, I really love her style and originality. Follow her on Instagram for more fantastic photos!

A happy sunday evening to you all. ❤

Away too long

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How nice isn’t it with some new, refreshing indie-folk music in the very beginning of fall? The song Away Too Long by A.F. Paxton is one of the first features of a new independent label called Go Rogue Records. It is really fun when I receive music submissions by really new, unknown people and they turn out to be great- and completely undiscovered. Away Too Long has, as per right now, been listened to 33 times, and I personally can account for at least 10 of those. This song makes me feel all happy, warm and relaxed:)

I am sorry for the updating being sub-optimal lately. I just moved back to Copenhagen and started a new job, so days have been hectic to say the least. On that note, I can very much relate to the lyrics of this song- I have been away for too long from this wonderful city!

Check out Go Rogue Records on Soundcloud for more folk-rock/indie-pop tunes to chill out to:) Of the songs I’ve heard so far, it’s a nice collection of music!


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My current favorite song must be this wonderful little gem. It’s produced by the German duo BUNT, with the lovely Australian singer Emma Carn accompanying them. Saxophone, flute, guitar. These guys know how to play music! Download it for free through Soundcloud.



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Hello friday! I wanna start off the weekend by sharing some happy tunes with you.

These two songs are remixes produced by the Canadian artist Shèmce. After playing piano at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto during his childhood, he went on to DJ and produce music in his teens. He has now made a name for himself in the tropical house scene, with lots of write-ups by big music blogs and streams on popular Youtube channels like The Vibe Guide (one of my personal favorites). The name Shèmce is a pheonetic derivation of the Arabic word for “Sun”, a big source of inspiration for his music: “After experimenting with a lot of different production styles, I realized that my heart always went to music that was happy, uplifting and had a bit of tropical flavor because I just love sand and sunshine.” Word to that! I love how he transforms the songs into something completely new.

Light, feel-good house music. Love it♥ The songs can be downloaded for free through his Soundcloud profile.