French house music at its finest



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A delicious, loungy taste of French music, straight out of the house music capital Paris. The producer and remixer Crayon has made this epic remix of Juicy Luicy by the electro-disco duo Jupiter. Perfect combination of funky and fab, just how I love it.

Have a fantastic weekend!


Cyril is back


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Gotta love the timeless, cool beats of Cyril Hahn! The Canadian is known for his cool house/electro vibes with a hint of R&B mixed into it, and has gained a lot of international attention in the past year.

He newly released this chill song titled Getting There. Nothing new really, it is in typical CH style. But it still works for me! I’m a big Cyril Hahn fan, even though his concert in Copenhagen last fall was somewhat disappointing. I would still give it a second chance though, for example at Roskilde festival this summer where he is already confirmed as an artist!

Getting There, like most Cyril Hahn songs, definitely makes a cool slow-electro contribution to my spring playlist. And it’s downloadable for free through Soundcloud, so that’s also a plus!


All I dream is the same dream

All I dream is the same dream
All I want is the same thing
All I need is that you believe

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I’m obsessed with this chill remix at the moment.

Mat Zo is a British electronic music producer, composer and DJ. His popular song Lucid Dreams is a bit too hardcore electro for my personal taste, but is given just the right amount of mellowness in this überchill remix by the San Francisco-based trio The M Machine. Out of this world!!

Weekend feelgood

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Kelvin Jones is a 19 year old singer based in Portsmouth, England, and makes music within the genres pop, blues and indie. He recently released the beautiful indie track titled Call You Home. The song is given a “MÖWEly sound” twist in this bootleg by the Austrian duo MÖWE. I love both the original and the remix, and can’t really decide which one is my favorite. Which do you like best?

The original as well as the MÖWE bootleg is downloadable through Soundcloud (hopefully you know the drill by now).

Have a great, relaxing and happy weekend!


Lost Queen

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“What planet are you from, girl?
And are there others like you there?

And could you do that magic trick again?
Poppin’ up from nowhere

Though my planet’s full of warfare
You make it feel like a dream
Man I hope they never find you”

Another fantastic track from Pharrell’s newest album GIRL. This album is on repeat on my Spotify at least!! And sorry (not sorry) for Pharrell-spamming in the past week or so. ;)